Stairs of Akabanedai / 2021 / 14 selection

The proposal for URban Life Design Competition “Future Living beyond Star House”. While the main focus was on the preservation and utilization of Star House, the competition allowed for free proposals from the units of Star House to the landscape of the Akabanedai complex (Nouvelle Akabanedai).
Since Akabanedai is located on a hill, there are many stairs and slopes around it. There is also a small difference in elevation within the district at the top of the stairs, and many stairs were built to resolve this difference, so I felt that “stairs” are more integrated into daily life than in other areas. Even in the areas that have already been reconstructed, there are many places where stairs seem to be actively incorporated into the design, which is impressive. In addition, there is a plan to remove part of the retaining wall on the Akabane Station side as a gateway to the Akabanedai area, and to build stairs and barrier-free access routes. Therefore, we proposed a public space designed with “stairs” as a clue in the cliff line area where there is a difference in elevation.
As for the Star House, which needs to be preserved and utilized at the same time, we wanted to preserve and restore the exterior, and preserve the RC walls and slab inside the building without making any changes such as adding new openings. As for the interior, we will create one room with a reproduction of the original interior for visitors, and the other rooms will be renovated and used as residences. The original floor plan had three rooms adjacent to the kitchen, and the residents were free to decide which room to use as a living room and which as a bedroom, so that they could use the rooms in various ways. In this project, we wanted to reinterpret and inherit the “floor plan that can be used in various ways”. Specifically, the core of the water area was placed in the same position as before, and movable fittings and storage space were installed so that the room could be converted into a single room.
The small area of 42 square meters can be used in a variety of ways. We also took into consideration the possibility that the house will be used for other purposes in the future, so that it can be easily converted into a small office, restaurant, or commercial facility. By creating a floor plan that allows for various uses of a small area, we have made it easy to preserve and utilize the Star House in the long term.

Use:Apartment(renovation), landscape



赤羽台と階段 / 2021 / 入選