Living with Nature / 2021

The idea is to create an architecture that is integrated with the landscape, like a shelter or a cave buried in nature. By creating a house that is buried in the terrain, we can consider the landscape and at the same time use natural energy to live with nature. The building is placed on the ridge to create an open space that actively takes in the scenery and light. The depth of the interior space is 1.5 meters, which is intentionally shallow so that nature can be felt more closely. The architecture is integrated with the landscape, as if buried in the terrain, in consideration of the landscape. The amount of cut and fill was planned to be the same to reduce the amount of soil generated. In addition, the long and narrow U-shaped floor plan is designed to match the topography, softly dividing the bedroom, living room, entrance, kitchen, toilet, and bathroom into different areas, and changing the view by the eaves to create various spaces for each location.

Total floor area:26㎡



自然と共に棲まう家 / 2021