Hiroshima Central Police Station Hondori Police Box Office / 2019 / 18 Selection

This is a proposal for a public architectural proposal for the design of the Hiroshima Chuo Police Station Hondori Police Box Office. This is a plan to rebuild the police box as it has become decrepit. By using steel, wooden furniture, and prefectural timber, which are industries of the prefecture, and by incorporating the “Bingo stripes” into the design, the police box is planned as a public building that will create “liveliness and interaction” and have the appeal of being able to widely communicate “Hiroshima. In addition to the continuity of the streetscape and the formation of an open space, a pocket park-like open space with a friendly atmosphere is planned so that people can easily drop by as a base of safety for the community. In addition, by slanting the shape of the building, the police box can be easily seen from a distance. The steel structure is made of steel, an industry of the prefecture, and the color scheme (blue and gray), which is being standardized by the Hiroshima Prefectural Police, is based on the motif of “Bingo stripes,” which are said to be the beginning of the textile industry in the prefecture. By using translucent material for the navy blue facade, the building itself becomes like a large “lantern” at night, and is planned to be a landmark of light that softly illuminates the area while harmonizing with the downtown area.

Use:Koban,Police Box Office
Location:Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture
Total floor area:141㎡
Structure Engineer:Jun Sato Structural Engineers



広島中央警察署本通交番庁舎 / 2019 / 18選


所在地:広島県 広島市