A Community Center Creating a New Landscape / 2019 /  Finalist

This is a proposal for a new building for the reconstruction of the Kamiarisu Community Center in Sumita Town, Iwate Prefecture. In rebuilding the building, consideration was given to the relationship with the relocated former elementary school building (now the Sumita Town Folk Museum) and to the landscape. In this project, the open space in front of the museum was created to restore the frontality of the museum and to make the open space the center of people’s activities. The open space was planned to be the center of people’s activities. The aim was to create an architecture that would be a part of the background of the folk museum and that would have cultural value that would never be consumed. We proposed a large pillar-less space without a complicated structure, creating a full interior space while at the same time reducing the height and considering the landscape.

Use:Community Center
Location:Kamiarisu, Sumita Town, Iwate Prefecture
Total floor area:529㎡
Structure Engineer:Jun Sato Structural Engineers
MEP Engineer:EOS plus



新たな景観をつくる公民館 / 2019 /入選


所在地:岩手県 気仙郡 住田町 上有住
設備:EOS plus