Building a Mountain /2020

Proposal for the Fukuoka International Architecture Competition. A competition to design a future “Seaside Momochi” based on the theme of proximity to work and home. The proximity of “work” and “living” places results in less travel time and less time spent “outside “. We thought it was necessary to create a place where people can feel the outside and nature rather than the current building type. In addition, as the distance between “work” and “living” becomes shorter, the amount of information that naturally comes in like noise while walking will also decrease, and the number of places that can be used as one’s third space, such as cafes and stores with a good atmosphere, will also decrease. In order to create a town where people can live and work in close proximity to each other, we thought it was necessary to create a blank space that can be used for various purposes between the original “working place” and “living place”. We proposed a mountain-like architecture that encompasses “places to work” and “places to live” with “places to feel the outside” and “blank space” .

Location:Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Total floor area:33064m2



山をつくる /2020


所在地:福岡県 福岡市