A decentralized hotel in Sumita town / 2020

This is a proposal to renovate vacant houses scattered in the shopping district of Setamai, Sumita Town, Iwate Prefecture, into a decentralized hotel.
After the earthquake in Friuli, Northern Italy in 1976, a new type of hotel called a “decentralized hotel” was conceived as a way to revitalize the community. A new type of hotel called a “decentralized hotel” was devised in the search for a way to rebuild the village after a major earthquake in the Friuli region of northern Italy in 1976. Rather than building a new building, a decentralized hotel restores abandoned buildings and stores in the area, and distributes the functions of reception, guest rooms, and dining rooms to each building, turning the entire town into a hotel. People who stay in the hotel will naturally migrate around the town, bringing vitality to the area itself. In this proposal, we have proposed a decentralized hotel that is not only a hotel for “visiting” for sightseeing, but also a hotel where people can experience “living” there. By increasing the number of people visiting and living in Sumita through the experience of immigration using the decentralized hotel, it is hoped that historical wooden townhouses will be restored as residences and workplaces, and those that are difficult to restore will be rebuilt using modern technology, so that the old wooden streetscape can be gradually restored.

Location:Setamai, Sumita Town, Iwate Prefecture
Total floor area:Building A 457m2, Building B 378m2



住田町世田米の分散型ホテル / 2020


所在地:岩手県 気仙郡 住田町 世田米