Fukuyama Station Police Box Office Building Construction Proposal / 2021 / Finalist

Fukuyama Station Police Box Office Building Construction Proposal Application. What was very impressive when I visited Fukuyama was the Fukuyama Castle adjacent to Fukuyama Station. Today, the Fukuyama Castle Park is located on the north side of the station, and the planned site is the area where the San-no-Maru of Fukuyama Castle was located, as the name of the site suggests. Therefore, we proposed to incorporate the design of the Fukuyama Castle stonewalls into the design to give a sense of the vast area of Fukuyama Castle at that time and to fit in with the town. By creating a symbolic architecture that looks like a house or a monument depending on the angle you look at it, we aim to create a police box that will become a symbol of Fukuyama’s identity, one that is easy to recognize, friendly, and gives a sense of security that the area around the police box is always being watched over. In addition, the design of the stone wall expresses the familiarity of Fukuyama Castle and the strength of the stone wall to protect the castle, harmonizing with the surrounding environment to create an attractive police box with a sense of police style. We wanted to design a building that would be familiar and loved by the community not only after it was built, but also as it was used and passed through time.

Use:Koban,Police Box Office
Location:Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture
Total floor area:95㎡
Structure Engineer:Jun Sato Structural Engineers
MEP Engineer:Sato Facility Design



石垣のような街のシンボルとなる交番 / 2021 / 入選


所在地:広島県 福山市