Restroom like a lantern that light up the city / Osaka / 2022

Entry proposal for the Ebisubashi public restroom design and architectural design public competition. The repetitive regularity of the design is derived from a variety of elements, such as the “latticework buildings” that lined the streets during the Meiji period (1868-1912) and many people walking along the “cobblestone streets,” the granite pattern of the old Ebisu Bridge, the bridge pavement pattern, the regular repetition of dots in neon ads, the lantern-like entrance monument of the shopping street, and so on. I felt that incorporating this design into the façade would harmonize with the landscape and create an architecture that would fit in well with the location. As for the specific exterior, we chose a highly symbolic and impressive matte glass brick. The typical restroom is enclosed with opaque material, so many users are concerned that a suspicious person may be lurking inside. Therefore, we have taken security into consideration by using a material that is robust and moderately transparent. Furthermore, at night, the interior lighting is transmitted through the material, making it a symbol like a lantern that illuminates the city. In addition, since many travelers with suitcases and people pushing strollers were seen during the day, even on weekdays, we thought that a restroom large enough to carry luggage and other items was needed at this location for both functional and security reasons. Furthermore, taking into consideration that this is a place where a wide variety of people gather, the booth toilets were designed to be all-gender toilets. This is a proposal for a new type of public restroom suited to this location, with a clean image and security in mind.

Use:Public restroom
Location:Osaka, Japan
Total floor area:24㎡
Structural Advisor:Hamano Tomonori




街を照らす行灯のようなレストルーム / 大阪 / 2022


構造アドバイス:濱野 友徳