Small House N / 2022-2023


This is a small house in a residential area in the suburbs of Tokyo. The house usually functions as a weekend residence for the client and his wife, and a house-opening “Ichi” is held every other Friday. It is also envisioned that the parents, who live in the house next door, will live in the house when they are too old to go up and down the stairs to the second floor. The house is designed with the premise of “change” in mind.
The site is adjacent to the south side of the client’s parents’ house, which was purchased about 13 years ago and has remained a garden for a long time because of its sunny location. The client’s mother opens the first floor of her parents’ house every other Friday and has been holding “Ichi” for more than 10 years, inviting neighbors to enjoy tea and workshops. In a residential area where the number of elderly people living alone has increased, “ichi” now serves as a safety network.
The client’s requests were
1. To make a small house of about 33㎡ / 2. To take into account changes in the family (changes in the family structure, possibility of living on the first floor due to the aging of the parents, etc.) / 3. For parents who enjoy gardening, the house should be designed so that they can live while looking at the garden that changes with the seasons and the growth of plants / 4. To open “Ichi” in a way different from that of the parents’ side of the house,
The house should take into account various “changes” in the house.
By swinging the living room about 45 degrees from the street, the “difference in light and dark between the inside and outside” and the “reflection of the glass” make it moderately difficult to see the inside from the outside, while the bright outside (garden) surrounds the inside, creating an open space while taking privacy into consideration. The house was designed to be an open space with privacy in mind. When the parents live in the house in the future, even if it becomes difficult for them to go out, they will still be able to feel the outside, and the house will be as open as if they were living in the garden. We hope that the house will be a place that is familiar with the garden and plants, and that it will be a relaxed and open place where anyone can be accepted, just like the parents’ house.The building was constructed of reinforced concrete (RC), which is easily affected by the aging of the structure, so that it will gradually become accustomed to its location and enjoy the changes over a longer period of time.


Location:Kodaira City, Tokyo
Principle use:residence
Design:Takigawa Hiroaki, Sakata Azumi(takigawa.architects)
Structure Engineering:Hamano Tomonori(KAP)
Curtain Design:Tsutsumi Yuki


Structure:Reinforced concrete
Site area:113.58㎡
Building area:27.70㎡
Total floor area:25.28㎡



Shinkenchiku Jutakutokushu 2024:05





花小金井の住宅(いちこや) / 2022-2023




所在地:東京都 小平市





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