Create a new urban axis, like the Hikawa approach / 2021

Proposal for the Machimichi Competition. In order to further promote walkable activities in the Omiya Station area, we were asked to propose ideas for the formation of a town center that is comfortable and makes people want to walk around, utilizing the “Omiya character”.
One of the most distinctive features of the city of Omiya is the extremely long Hikawa approach. Although it is a path that people pass through, there are places where people can stay, and it has become a space for residents to relax. From the perspective of creating a town where people feel comfortable and want to walk around, I wondered if it would be possible to make a proposal related to the Hikawa approach, taking advantage of the Omiya character.
Rather than a tall landmark, the road itself, like the Hikawa approach, should be a distinctive landmark. The proposal is to create an aerial walkway that will serve as a catalyst (axis) for the natural flow of people from the station to the city, a unique path that does not exist in other cities, starting from the landmark path and spreading to the surrounding streets.




氷川参道のような、憩いの場となる新たな都市軸をつくる / 2021